Houston Texas Restaurants – 3 Picks = Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

How would you like to know where to get the best breakfast, lunch & dinner in Houston TX? It sure would be nice to get the heads up on the best places to enjoy each meal of the day. With thousands of Houston restaurants to choose from, it is helpful to know the best. Have fun taking your family out to one of these three restaurants in Houston TX. Breakfast, lunch or dinner is served!

There is a classic movie called The Breakfast Club, and there is a great restaurant in Houston called The Breakfast Klub. It is located at 3711 Travis Street, and it is a wonderful place to eat a delicious southern breakfast. Eat all the pancakes, biscuits, french toast, chicken and waffles and everything else you can imagine. The establishment is also known for serving up delicious lunch items as well, such as wings, fries and fried catfish.

For lunch, a great place to recommend is Phoenicia Specialty Foods. This restaurant is located at 1001 Austin Street, and it is known for its baklava, lamb, pizza and other great menu items. You will see an olive bar there, too, and this establishment is also said to have great cakes. As a matter of fact, some reviewers say that Phoenicia Specialty Foods is where they get their birthday cakes. Find out if this establishment features the best bakery in town, and enjoy a delicious lunch while you’re there.

Does a steak for dinner sound good? You can get more than steak at Steak 48, but get the idea. Order up a Texas-sized steak, and see what all else will fit on your plate. Steak 48 is also known for what’s called a Seafood Tower, and king crab is served up there as well. It is a very nice dining establishment, so you are going to have a great experience. Popcorn sundaes for dessert are a recommendation according to reviewers, and the service is said to be exceptional.

That’s breakfast, lunch and dinner covered for you while you are in Houston. These top restaurants will be easy to find now, and you and your family will eat well. Enjoy dining out in Houston TX, and see if you don’t end up eating some of the best food you’ve ever tasted. Each of these restaurants is extra special, and so just sit back, relax and eat some great food with your family.